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Sedat Karademir

Transplant surgeon, General surgeon

36 années d'expérience



Including those I had transplanted during my fellowship at RUSH University in Chicago (n=86), I have performed a total of 705 liver transplants (%94 adult) both from living (%75) and cadaveric (%25) donors. And, additionally 340 kidney transplants which were mostly from living donors, too. Of these, 12 were combined liver and kidney transplantations either from cadaveric or living donors. Currently, I am the Director of Organ Transplant Program at GUVEN Hospital in Ankara. As of March 2018, here in GUVEN Hospital, we have performed 145 liver transplants (118 from living donors) with 1, 3 and 5 years patient survival of 91.2%, 86%and 83%, consecutively(ELTR data analysis). Since 1997, besides organ transplantation, I have also been operating on complicated hepato-pancreato-biliary patients