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Bookimed Editorial Policy

Who we are and how we write

Who we are

Bookimed is a platform for hospital searching and treatment arrangement across the globe.

We are a team with a mission to give access to the best medical solutions, assist and support patients on their way toward a healthy life.

The content on the website is determined by medical editors who are trained doctors. Patients requested to us are coordinated by qualified doctors as well. Meet us!

Our primary aim is to communicate with the audience in a clear, objective, and rational manner both on the website and in conversation. We make the complex medical questions easier.

Feel free to contact us with any suggestions, ideas, or questions at Join us here:





Who writes and edits our copies

Our content is created by professional authors with at least 2-year experience in medical writing carefully recruited to the team. Medical specialists with relevant clinical and research expertise check the texts. This algorithm allows us to keep copies expert, making them engaging and clear to each user of the website.

Each member of our editorial team is a lifelong learner who is fond of medicine and improves skills continuously.

Editorial cycle

  1. The author analyzes sources and creates the copy according to the Bookimed editorial policy. We use international clinical protocols, scientific publications, websites of independent specialized organizations, and reputable media as sources.
  2. The content is being checked and verified by the medical editor. He/she confirms that the medical information is accurate and relevant.
  3. After making the medical edits, the text is being checked by the editor. This check aims to make the content readable and consistent in style with other materials.
  4. Then the author publishes the material on the website.
  5. The editor reviews the material design and layout elements.

This flow helps us create qualitative medical content. And still, …we are humans after all — we also have flaws, so if you notice an error or typo on the website, we’ll appreciate it if you let us know at

* Our texts ≠ medical consultation

The content on the website is for information only. It is not a guide to action, and users should not consider it as a doctor’s consultation or treatment recommendations.

Each medical case is unique; therefore, any decisions of diagnostics and treatment should be taken by the treating physician after studying the patient’s specific situation.

Core values of our copies

  • Usefulness. Writing solely for writing is not about us: if the copy does not answer user’s questions, it is useless*. We cover each topic, sharing non-obvious things and handy facts that are important for our users to know.
  • Simplicity. We speak the same language with our readers. We explain each medical term or process, so everyone from teens to grandparents gets it.
  • Objectivity. Our materials are based only on objective data, statistics in particular. We do not “sell” medical facilities; we analyze their pros and cons and give patients a free hand. We do not classify facilities as either “good” or “bad” but draw upon their success rates, the doctors’ experience, and the number of operations performed.
  • Competence and expertise. We do our best to publish only accurate and verified information. That is why our texts are based solely on the primary sources — American and European protocols.
  • Care. We save users time by providing complete information about hospitals and travel arrangements — including visa and admission requirements.
  • Humanity. We emphasize realizing that people come to us to get their medical questions answered. We carefully select words and do not impose our opinions.

Tone of Voice

We’ve taken the best of the informational style — usefulness, simplicity, accessibility, objectivity, and made it more friendly. We are accurate in the wording, and there is no place in our texts for:

  • familiarity
  • diminutives
  • moral
  • aggression, and bullying.

Our writing

  1. Clear. We send a message that way, so everyone can understand us even with a lack of medical knowledge. 
  2. Specific and simple. We take out everything that can be taken without loss of meaning.
  3. Reasoned. We give links to sources.
  4. Consistent. We do not pile up the facts but structure them.
  5. Rhythmical. We mix long and short sentences to avoid monotonousness.

Information sources

We are sure there is no place for empty rhetoric in healthcare issues. Therefore, we confirm every judgment, as ‘the best clinic” with references to sources of the facts and statistics. We put links to the sources throughout the text or in the “Resources” block at the foot.

Data on the Bookimed website is:

  • provided and verified by partner medical centers or taken from their official websites
  • taken from the websites of independent organizations (NCCNESMO, etc.) and reputable international and local media (as FocusForbes)
  • taken from relevant scientific publications (as PubMed)
  • based on our internal statistics and insights
  • checked by medical editors.

We always search for information in primary sources, since the first fact mention is preferable to all subsequent ones. We make all efforts to ensure that the information you find on our website has the necessary links to authoritative sources. If you have any questions about any data, write to us at We will be pleased to enhance or update our content!

We publish the content created only by our in-house authors and editors. The Bookimed team respects the copyrights of content creators on other websites. And if you suspect any copyright violation on our website, please write to us at

Content update

We follow the medical news and update the content when there is a need for change. It can be:

  • updating clinical guidelines
  • new treatment protocols
  • approval of a new treatment method, drug, equipment, or recall of existing ones.

If you think that some of the information on the Bookimed website is outdated or untrue, please let us know by email at Our team will study your suggestion and submit it if necessary.

Promoted materials

We strive to remain independent experts, and that is why we do not write promotional texts about companies and do not publish promoted copies from third-party authors. Read more about our advertising policy in the Terms of Use.

We reserve the right to publish unique content provided by partners if it is deemed useful by our editorial team.

User content

User content on our website includes reviews and comments. Only Bookimed patient or an accompanying person who booked the hospital through our website and visited it can share the opinion on the medical center. This approach ensures that all reviews are written by real people.

We strive for honest and safe communication. Therefore we moderate reviews and do not approve comments that incite hatred, contain discrimination, threats, obscene comments, or encourage law violation. The moderator deletes spam and ads on our website. Learn more in the Bookimed Review and Comment Policy.


Our authors and editors invest time, talent, effort, and love in every copy on the website. Therefore, any attempt to use our content without an active link to the source will be liable according to the laws of copyright and related rights.

You can cite Bookimed editorial policy and our materials with an active link to the source. If you have questions about the editorial policy or suggestions regarding updating the content, please let us know at