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Review & Comment Policy

Bookimed’s Review & Comment Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Service. It describes how reviews and comments work on the Website, as well as the rules that we apply to them.

We understand that choosing a medical center and doctor is a responsible decision. We collect the opinions of Bookimed patients about the hospitals and doctors whose services they have used to ensure that the user can make an informed decision by evaluating the clinics’ pros and cons. After all, who better to tell others about the quality of medical care, staff, and chambers than people who have experienced it for themselves?

We also have a commenting feature on our Website. It is a means for open communication between Bookimed patients and users who choose a clinic and doctor for themselves, Bookimed coordinators, and clinic representatives.

Please note that you can write comments about our service separately in the text block about Bookimed when leaving a review about the visit to the clinic, as well as using the following services:





Reviews on Bookimed Website

A patient or patient’s attendant who has booked a clinic via and received a medical service (diagnosis, treatment, online consultation) can leave a review on the Website. You can be sure that real patients write all our reviews.

Reviews on this Website reflect our patients’ opinions, and we treat them with respect. That is why we publish each review entirely, regardless of whether it is negative or positive. Extensive, detailed, and honest reviews help users find the right clinic for them.

We always notify patients when a review has already been posted on the Website. Once submitted, the review can be corrected or removed by contacting the Bookimed team —

Reviews are sorted by the date of writing.

Comments on Bookimed Website

Any user, clinic representative, or Bookimed coordinator registered on the Website can leave a comment on the review.

Users interested in medical services abroad and who want to learn more about Bookimed’s patient experience can ask questions below the reviews through comments. Clinic representatives and Bookimed coordinators usually answer patient questions or express their gratitude in this way.

We always notify the review’s owners that their review has been commented on and ask them to respond to the comment.

Once submitted, the comment can be corrected or removed by contacting the Bookimed team —

It is important to us to create the safest possible environment for the users of our platform. Therefore, please do not make publicly available any personal data that can be used to identify a patient.

Please do not include patient data:

Name, surname, birth date, country;


Name of attending physician;

Date of arrival for treatment;

Treatment program;

Treatment results.

If a patient has left a negative comment, clinic representatives can ask what caused the dissatisfaction. It is strictly forbidden to share any medical data with the public! Treatment details can be discussed in private correspondence, which will not be available to the general public.

The main rules for reviews and comments

We strive to make the content on our Website as useful as possible for users and to ensure the freedom to express critical opinions. They carry value regardless of their emotional coloring. At the same time, it is important for us to create the safest possible environment for users of our platform. That is why we have developed rules for posting reviews and comments on

Don’t share personal information, either yours or other people’s. We will try to hide email addresses, phone numbers, website addresses and social media pages, and confidential medical information.

We will also remove reviews and comments that we think:

Are promotional;

Contain comments of a personal, political, ethical or religious nature;

Contain profanity in any language, threats, and obscene remarks;

Incite hatred;

Incite to violate the law;

Are published for a fee;

Contain information about organ sales;

Contain personal data and confidential information of third parties (in particular users).

Bookimed is not responsible for the objectivity, validity, accuracy, or relevance of reviews and comments and does not guarantee the timely removal of reviews and comments that violate our Review & Comment Policy.