La Plateforme de Tourisme Médicale n°1 depuis 2014

Finance Policy

The Financial Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Service and describes the payment for Bookimed services and other financial issues. 

How much do Bookimed services cost?

Selecting a clinic and doctor, contacting a medical center via Bookimed, and making travel arrangements are free for Bookimed patients. 

For medical consultations and other procedures at the clinic, you will pay only according to its bills.

Still, the users have to pay a deposit for confirmation of the appointment via the Website, on the amount of which the treatment price will be decreased.

How does Bookimed get paid?

Except for the confirmation deposit, we receive commissions from medical centers for taking over the functions of their international travel departments for international patients. 

We receive the mentioned commissions under the relevant agreements directly or through our business partner – Bookimed Limited (registration number: 2371039; address: 14/F Golden Centre, 188 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong).

And according to our contracts with the clinics, neither Bookimed nor they add a surcharge to users’ bills.

When the Bookimed patients contact us, they pay the same price for medical services as they would if they went directly to the clinic.

The price may also be lower because some medical centers give discounts to Bookimed patients.

Does Bookimed get paid for listing clinics on the Website?

Clinics do not pay us to list on the platform but undergo a strict and objective selection process.

You can read more in the Clinic Selection Policy, which is based on the characteristics of medical centers and does not take into account financial criteria. 

Does Bookimed get paid for the fact that clinics occupy certain places in our directories?

We strive to be as objective as possible, so the lists of clinics on our Website are formed automatically, eliminating the human factor. 

If a clinic wants us to put it in the first place in a particular directory, it can pay to promote it. In this case, it will be marked «Promoted».

You can learn more about ranking clinics in our Clinic Ranking Policy.

Where do we get prices for the Website, and how often do we update them?

It is essential to understand that any prices listed on the Website or in the clinic’s treatment program are provisional and are provided by the partner clinics.

A medical center may change the scope and cost of procedures depending on the examination results or the reaction of an organism to a treatment. In addition, the clinic may not notify us of price changes, and the prices will be out of date.

Leave an appeal on the Website to get the most complete and up-to-date information for your case.

Can the final price be different from the preliminary one?

Yes, both upward and downward. The main factor is the volume of procedures, which can vary depending on the diagnosis results or the reaction of an organism to the procedures. 

How are treatment fees paid?

The price of the medical services will be decreased on the amount of the confirmation deposit a patient made.

For the medical services, patients pay only at the clinic on their bills. Bookimed is not an intermediary or representative for these financial transactions and takes no responsibility for them.

Bookimed patients can pay in cash, by card via a terminal, or bank transfer. You can ask our coordinator about payment specifics at a particular medical center.

What is an additional deposit at the clinics?

The clinics can require an additional deposit under is a preliminary invoice issued by the clinic. It is a financial guarantee of the patient’s arrival that is separate from the initial deposit via the Website for the appointment confirmation. After it is paid, the clinic fixes the date and time of the visit and sends the patient an official invitation.

If the price is lower than the paid deposit after the procedure, the clinic returns the price difference to the patient’s account. If higher — the patient pays the difference. 

Do you provide discounts?

We can negotiate discounts with partners. They are available in the clinic’s catalogs of diseases and procedures, marked with the «Super Price» icon, and on the special offers page.