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COVID-19 Travel Safety Guide

The coronavirus pandemic remains unstable. We observe the rise and fall of the disease spread. Depending on this and the number of vaccinated people, the countries change the entry rules for foreigners every 1-2 weeks. So, when you plan a medical journey, always check the latest updates related to COVID-19 on the official websites of a destination country.

Bookimed stays aware of travel rules changes. So, our medical coordinator will also provide you with all necessary information about entry conditions to make your trip comfortable and smooth.

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Below you can check out some useful sources and general recommendations on how to act during the COVID-19 pandemic abroad.


COVID-19 entry rules significantly depend on your place of residence and what country you choose for medical assistance.

A country you travel in may require:

  • a negative PCR test (optional)
  • or/and vaccination certificate
  • or/and quarantine.

Check out how these demands may be processed.

  1. PCR test must be done before the flight to a destination country no later than 72 hours before the departure.
  2. Some countries can demand to undergo repeated PCR or express COVID-19 tests just at the airport after your plane landing. This test may be provided for free or paid extra.
  3. Also, be ready to repeat COVID testing before 2 days to your surgery or other medical manipulations if your previous PCR test is outdated (done later than 72 hours before).
  4. Before returning home, it can be required to do the PCR COVID-19 test and show it after landing in your residence country.
  5. Some countries allow entry without a PCR test if a patient has a valid vaccination certificate. However, a significant number of countries demand both — a PCR test and a vaccination certificate. You must clarify what documents you need on the official website of a destination country or receive information from the Bookimed medical coordinator.
  6. Some countries may require you to download special codes on the cell phone to track whether you contacted coronavirus infected people.
  7. To enter most countries, you must be vaccinated with one of the vaccines approved by the World Health Organization. See the full list of approved vaccines and determine whether a destination country allows entry with a specific one. 
  8. Some countries may demand to be quarantined for 10-14 days after landing at the destination country airport. However, if you have a vaccination certificate or/and negative PCR, this demand may be more likely omitted.


It is crucial to avoid COVID-19 infection while going to a hospital because your treatment can be postponed or even canceled in case of the disease. So follow these simple rules:

  1. Keep a distance of 1.5 m in a line during your check-in. The best way is to check in online.
  2. Wear a mask during your stay at the airport and flight. Prepare several ones to change them each 2-3 hours.
  3. Avoid crowds of people when you are waiting for a plane and receiving your luggage.
  4. Wash your hands or use antiseptic.


  1. Reputable medical centers serving international patients follow the world's recommendations to make patients stay safe: they provide advanced sanitizing of rooms and linens, use HEPA-filters to clean the air, and all staff wears masks or respirators. 
  2. The hospital staff is typically vaccinated and regularly does PCR testing.
  3. COVID-free patients receive medical assistance in separate buildings to avoid disease spread.


  1. Book a hotel that follows international recommendations regarding hotel room cleaning and linens sanitizing. If you have some doubts about where to stay — ask Bookimed medical coordinator what hotel to choose.
  2. Choose a separate hotel room. Refuse booking hostels or double rooms. 
  3. Use a mask and keep social distance in the common areas. If possible, use stairs instead of an elevator.


We have prepared a general list of protection rules during COVID-19 pandemic according to WHO guidance:

  • Wear a mask or a respirator to prevent COVID-19 infection. Make sure that it covers your mouth and nose.
  • Wash your hands and use antiseptic before you wear a mask or after you take it off.
  • When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a napkin or elbow.
  • Utilize a used napkin and then wash your hands or use antiseptic.
  • Keep 1.5 m social distance.
  • If you have such symptoms as fever, cough, or runny nose, don't hesitate to get in touch with your medical coordinator to determine your further steps, and if possible, to postpone your medical trip. 

IMPORTANT! Bookimed recommends having medical travel and medical complications insurance during your trip, with coverage of COVID-19 treatment valid in the host country.

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